Navigating Insurance

Pennsylvania's insurance policies can be confusing - find out the truth about "insurance choice" and what it can mean for you.

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The Ivey Memo

Car manufacturers have been putting profits ahead of safety for years - and the smoking gun is the Ivey memo, which put a price tag on people's lives. GM decided it was less expensive to let its drivers die than to fix a faulty gas tank, and hundreds of people died in fiery crashes as a result.

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Victims' Stories

Meet Kelly, Ryan, Frank,
Becky, Chris and Jessica,
just some of the victims of Pennsylvania's dangerous roadways.

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Joint and Several Liability

Big Business was the big winner in the repeal of joint and several liability, and taxpayers are the ultimate losers. Without joint and several liability, more and more victims will be left without the compensation they deserve, our social welfare rolls will grow, and the overall tax burden will increase.

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Insurance Reform vs. Tort Reform

The insurance industry is “one of the least regulated, most influential, most profitable, and most unaccountable industries in the nation, answering to no federal agency and regulated by mostly weak state agencies.” But instead of advancing insurance reform, legislators are pushing tort reform, which has been proven to have no effect on rate hikes or damage claims.

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Joint and Several Liability Could Change Your Life

Without joint and several liability, innocent victims will be forced to pay for their own medical bills while negligent drivers and corporations escape responsibility.

1,300 Dead Annually

1More than 1,300 people, including 145 pedestrians, died on Pennsylvania’s roadways in 2010.

85,000 Injured Each Year

4In 2010, 87,949 people were injured in Pennsylvania car accidents. Of those, more than 3,500 were considered major injuries.

300 Collisions Each Day

3On average, there are more than 300 collisions in Pennsylvania each day, adding up to nearly 100,000 accidents each year.

$8 Million in Costs

2Auto accidents cost Pennsylvania more than $8.1 million each year, the eighth highest pricetag in the nation.

Find out more about what needs to be done to make
Pennsylvania’s highways safe.