A combination of well-funding lobbying, deceptive propaganda, and special interest favoritism has tipped the scales of justice in favor of insurance companies over drivers and victims. As if that wasn’t enough, auto manufacturers continue to put profits before people, selling defective cars that put all of us at risk. Instead of reeling in insurers and manufacturers, our lawmakers have been persuaded that hiking prices and limiting liability will make us safer.

Insurance Rates & Safety

If we don’t enact meaningful insurance reforms, the industry will continue to raise rates and take advantage of drivers. For many Americans, driving isn’t a luxury. Cars provide an economic lifeline, allowing us to go to work each day and provide for our families. Although insurance would be a difficult and dangerous sacrifice to make, more and more drivers will choose to take that gamble. If you have to choose between putting food on your table or taking what might seem like a long-shot risk, what would you pick?

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Limited Liability & Safety

Limiting liability for irresponsible manufacturers won’t save anyone money – except those same irresponsible manufacturers. Instead of investing in safety, they’ll save money by bypassing standards. When their less-than-safe vehicles hit the roads and cause injuries, they’ll save money in litigation costs by bypassing our civil courts. With manufacturers off the hook, who will end up picking up the tab? Taxpayers. Looser safety standards will increase injuries, and increased injuries will lead to increased medical bills. Without the ability to pursue compensation in our courts, victims will be forced to turn to social services for the help they need, further burdening taxpayers. Shouldn’t irresponsible manufacturers pay for the results of their cost-cutting?

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