Tort Reform

Insurance companies and the auto industry have been pushing the tort reform agenda for decades. If they had their way, hundreds of thousands of innocent victims would be locked out of our courts – and they would hold on to more of their profits.

Tort Reform & Insurance Rates

Despite industry claim, tort reform has absolutely nothing to do with insurance rates.

Insurance 'Choice'

Despite its misleading name, insurance choice does little to make insurance more affordable and everything to make our roads more dangerous.

Joint & Several Liability

Repealing joint and several liability has made Pennsylvania a less just place to live and work. And in their misguided effort to cut costs and create jobs, Pennsylvania’s lawmakers have accomplished nothing but adding to our budget deficit.

Insurance Reform vs. Tort Reform

The insurance industry is “one of the least regulated, most influential, most profitable, and most unaccountable industries in the nation, answering to no federal agency and regulated by mostly weak state agencies.” State insurance departments, typically underfunded and without the clout to effect real change, have little ability to reign in out-of-control insurers.

Tort Reform & Crashworthiness

Since 1968, the crashworthiness doctrine has held manufacturers liable for defective and dangerous cars – and for the past 50 years, manufacturers have been fighting back. Instead of taking responsibility for lax safety standards and defective designs, auto makers want drivers and taxpayers to cover the costs of their negligence.