Auto Accident Victims

The Unfairness of Damage Caps

Alton's Story

Alton was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle. Witnesses though Alton had died in the crash; instead, he suffered severe brain trauma, punctured lungs, fractured ribs, internal injuries, severe open fractures of his left leg, and nerve damage to his left arm. Once strong and dependent, Alton can no longer take care of himself because of a negligent driver.
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Amy's Story

Amy died a tragically preventable death when a wheel flew off a car traveling in the opposite direction and crashed into the car she was riding in. Her brother, who was driving the car, witnessed Amy’s horrific death, and he now has constant nightmares and pain over the loss of his baby sister.
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Becky's Story

Becky was a bright and energetic child, full of potential. Due to a car manufacturer’s failure to install proper safety features in the back seat of the vehicle in which she was riding, Becky is now restricted to life in a wheelchair. She relies on her family to help her with everything, and she will forever be paralyzed from the neck down.
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Brian's Story

Little Brian was an energetic pre-schooler who loved playing with his brother and teasing his mom. All that changed when the car in which Brian was riding was hit head-on by a careless driver, who was speeding on a wet roadway. Brian suffered severe head injuries, the effects of which will linger forever.
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Chris' Story

Chris has a very promising future. He was looking forward to graduating with his MBA and proposing to his girlfriend. A drunk driver took both those dreams from Chris when he ran a red light at more than 65 miles-per-hour and slammed into Chris’ car.
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David's Story

David was only a freshman in high school when a careless driver destroyed his right eye. David can no longer enjoy the sports he loved so much or do the everyday things we take for granted, like pouring a glass of juice or unlocking a door.
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Erin's Story

Erin had half of her left leg taken from her when a negligent driver plowed into her. After four surgeries, hard work, and determination, she is finally able to walk with the help of a prosthesis. Had the driver not been careless, Erin would not face 60 years of having a stump instead of a calf, ankle, and foot.
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Frank's Story

Frank was an active grandfather who was always full of energy. He loved to travel and host parties. Due to the negligence of a careless driver, doing the things he used to love is now nearly impossible.
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Jessica's Story

Jessica will never lead the full and energetic life she had begun. She was severely brain damaged by the negligence of two drivers. Developmentally, she lives the life of a toddler who will never mature. She will require 24-hour care and assistance for the rest of her life.
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John's Story

John was paralyzed from the waist down after the car in which he was a passenger struck several trees. He will never walk again, and he frequently suffers potentially lethal infections. John must live the remainder of his life under constant supervision in a nursing home because of someone else’s negligence.
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Joe's Story

Joe was only 30-years-old when his life was changed forever by the negligence of a drunk driver. He was struck with such force that he was thrown more than 108 feet. The driver pled guilty to drunk driving and served only 30 days in jail, while Joe will be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.
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Juli's Story

Eleven-year-old Juli was a good student and very physically active. She had dreams of becoming a gym teacher or a veterinarian. Sadly, those dreams were cut short when the car in which she was riding was struck head-on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Juli suffered tremendous injuries and horrific pain as a result.
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Kelly's Story

At 13, Kelly Rose Miller was already a shining star. She was a fun-loving, compassionate child who loved the outdoors and organized sports. She was also exceptionally bright. Not only was she a straight-A student, she had received numerous academic awards, including the President’s Education Award. Kelly’s potential was limitless. Tragically, however, she will never realize her goals and dreams because her life was abruptly and violently ended when the vehicle in which she was riding collided with a tractor-trailer.
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Linda's Story

Linda was a vibrant and hard-working mother until she was literally crushed to death by a careless driver who rammed into the back of the township truck Linda was loading.
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Loan's Story

Loan and her family were hit head-on by a drunk driver. Loan’s children received only minor injuries, but she wasn’t as lucky – suffering serious facial lacerations and bruises. She was also worried about the condition of her unborn child. Loan has undergone painful reconstructive surgery and has endured bleeding, scarring and scabbing, and debilitating post-concussion headeaches that have turned the job of taking care of her family into a daily struggle.
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Lori's Story

When Lori’s car was struck head-on by a drunk driver, her life was shattered forever. Her right lower leg needed to be rebuilt, and her jaw was wired shut. She cannot walk or climb stairs without intense pain. Once able to enjoy outings with her husband and daughter, she is now relegated to a life of pain and disfigurement.
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Mark's Story

Mark was an active and healthy 43-year-old when he went out for a motorcycle ride that change his life forever. Due to the impatience of a truck driver, Mark was engulfed in flames for several minutes. He was so severely burned that he will never again lead a normal life. Even sitting in a wheelchair is excruciating for Mark.
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Martha's Story

Martha’s husband and children are alone and without the love and guidance she once gave them. A careless dump truck driver took her from them when he failed to stop for a red light and plowed into Martha’s vehicle.
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Ray's Story

Ray was a bright and ambitious drug company representative, who enjoyed traveling and staying physically fit, until a country club van violently struck his car while he was at a complete stop. Since then, Ray has required narcotic medications to obtain even the most minimal relief, and has been forced to undergo surgery for a ruptured disc and acute nerve damage. Instead of enjoying the benefits of his hard work, Ray now stays up at night in pain, worrying about his future.
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Ryan's Story

Ryan was 17 when his life was changed forever by a reckless driver. In a terrible accident, Ryan’s head was dragged along the road, leaving pieces of flesh and bone embedded in the roadway. Doctors worked miracles to save Ryan, but he now has titanium mesh holding his skull together and suffers from permanent vision and hearing loss and emotional trauma. He will require multiple plastic surgeries to try to reconstruct portions of his face and head.
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